Safety and security measures
combined with drone engineering

The ISS SPOTTER is a surveillance solution for industrial sites, public, ... by autonomous or wired drone, connected to a command post and piloted by surveillance operators, to conduct surveillance rounds or raising doubts.

Intuitive control interface

The interface of the ISS Spotter allows operators to monitor and control the drone surveillance:

- To order the raising of doubts in video of day and night,
- Schedule rounds on pre-established routes,
- Save and record videos and photos of each mission.

The ISS SPOTTER is a new surveillance technology developed by the junction of Drone technology engineering and safety and security expertise, which Delta Drone has brought together.


Co-development together with Puy du Fou of the NEOPTER - the 1st drone for Cinescénie.


The world’s first aerial fleet that can perform a fully autonomous and safe aerial choreography, day and night.


Pixiel initiates development of an autonomous drone solution permanently installed at industrial sites.


Creation of the Drone Protect System that specialises in professional security systems.


1st docking and recharging station for the 3S autonomous drone.


the 3S solution from DPS wins the Safety Trophy


Creation of the ISS Delta Drone Service led by Didier Ferrara - Safety and Security Expert.

From 2018

Captive drone surveillance services at public events.

Forum de la Paix, Ryder Cup, Grand Prix de Formule 1 de France, Préfecture de Paris (France), Paris Nice / ASO, Bol D’Or, La ferté Alais, Aer’Ness Security

Why the Delta drone group have chosen to work with the PROTEC group through the Security Systems subsidiary to distribute in France and Europe its autonomous UAV surveillance solution.

The PROTEC Group founded in 1999, is directed by Gil ANCELIN, expert in business protection, economic intelligence and international safety. He develops its expertise in security through its subsidiary Protec Security Systems, witch is entirely dedicated to new technologies..

The PROTEC Group leader in Safety and Human Security Services is also a founding member of the Private Security Consortium, which currently gathered 21 security companies with a workforce of more than 4,700 employees and a turnover of €170 million.
PROTEC SECURITY SYSTEMS is not a manufacturer but distributor and integrator of solutions.

The solution ISS Spotter we are proposing comes from the merger of PIXIEL engineering and DPS, a company that Delta Drone recently acquired.
ISS Spotter is by far the most successful solution, presenting the greatest stability, the most complete functionalities and especially a real deployment experience in the field.

It is the only operational solution on the security market, with all the necessary guarantees for a deployment, that will allow us to bring man and technologies closer.
Designed to improve the performance of our services and increase the competence of our teams, our solutions guarantee to end customers a result rarely matched, on a market totally mastered.
It is therefore logical that the PROTEC Group has concluded between its subsidiary Security Systems and the Delta drone group an exclusive distribution agreement for France and Europe.